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Should I buy a security system even though I live in a safe Los Angeles neighborhood?

October 30, 2023
Surveillance camera and man using security app in front of house

You enjoy your neighborhood for many reasons. It’s family-friendly, in a great location with exceptional schools, and has a low crime rate. You’ve probably posed the question, should I buy a security system even though I live in a safe Los Angeles neighborhood? The simple answer is yes, and you’ll quickly see why.

Do your part to keep your area safe

It’s justifiable if the beautiful, freshly paved streets, amiable residents, and quiet surroundings give you a distorted perception of security. But make no mistake, intrusions can and will happen anywhere. Criminals are known to target well-to-do communities with the hopes of bigger returns. You have to discourage them, and the smartest way is via a modern security system. You will not only shield your own home, you’ll help keep the neighborhood you adore secure.

Why install a home security system in Los Angeles?

The main objective of a home security system isn’t to stop an active burglary. It’s preventing it from happening in the first place. When curious burglars take note of your surveillance cameras, yard sign, and security company emblem in your first-floor window, they’ll likely decide your house isn’t a good target.

Modern smart homes in Los Angeles with round-the-clock monitoring will even keep you defended when you're away. Your devoted professionals will support you when you're gone or whenever you miss an alarm or a mobile alert. If you're on vacation, you can stay connected to your property with the convenient smartphone app. You can do the following things from your phone:

  • Review current video from your surveillance cameras
  • Lock entrances
  • Open or close the garage door
  • Activate lights to give the impression you’re there

Today’s home security systems offer much more than crime deterrence. Convenient home automation allows you to put your thermostat and lights on schedules and even create specific scenes. For example, you can switch off lights, change the thermostat, and lock entryways at the same time in a bedtime scene.

Protect against any sort of risk in Los Angeles

As a homeowner, you must protect against risks of all types, not just intrusions. One of the wonderful things about advanced smart homes in Los Angeles is that you may include all your safety sensors into one comprehensive system. The benefit is that you and your monitoring agents will be notified when your fire alarm, flood sensor, or CO detector goes off. Your professional monitoring team will work quickly to get emergency personnel to your home while you focus on your family.

Keep your family protected in Los Angeles with a Vivint smart home

Even if you reside in a safe Los Angeles neighborhood, you still have to protect your household against the many risks you may confront. A Vivint smart home will provide a comprehensive defense while enhancing your life via remote access and the latest automation. Ready to start designing your home’s security? Contact Vivint today at (310) 861-9194.